Is there any way that I can convert my openSuSE become like Back Track..

Hi guys…

Is there any development or any repo that hold all the application that we need as security tool like back track … if we have… please help me how…

thanks in advanced…


What applications exactly are you looking for?

Maybe I am a bit dumb, but what is Back Track? Remember the we all try to learn from these threads, thus a small explanation (maybe with a link to more info) might not be bad.

As an offensive weapon, I would probably recommend a Rheinmetall L55 120mm cannon, not exactly openSUSE :wink:

See → here.

Most core-software of BackTrack is available via the standard repositories of openSUSE.

You can install applications generally from source, so for instance since I do wireless pentesting I have aircrack-ng installed and some other password cracking programs.

You’ll find that as of the moment since Backtrack just released a really good, up to date version I doubt there is anything to compare with it. They spent a considerable effort porting and installing applications on to a Ubuntu platform, it’s a really admirable work.

But for those of use who either prefer or must use a non-Ubuntu distro, it’ll be YMMV. I’ve already identified several apps which are packaged only for the Debian/Ubuntu platform and source restricted (so not likely installable on a different platform).

Although I haven’t done an extensive survey and comparison of apps, my initial impression is that I disagree that “most” core Backtrack software is available via standard openSuSE repositories, but since source is usually available isn’t usually an unsurmountable obstacle.


Thanks. Got an idea now.