is there any way I can get rtorrent precompiled with xmlrpc?

After trying to compile myself and bugged with series of “xxxx not found” dependency chain, I think I’m done with this thing.

Is there any prepackaged rtorrent that come with xmlrpc-c support compiled?; so I don’t have to stir crapload mess of devel packages in my vps box, just to get this tiny thing working?

Jump on the packman mailing list or IRC channel and ask them to link to the OBS version and set the bcond so it builds with the xmlrpc flag;

Ah. Thanks.
I got the one compiled with xmlrpc after using the version found in packman instead of one in official repo.

Hello guys,

I didn’t find how to install this rTorrent version with XMLRPC.

I get

rtorrent: XMLRPC not supported.

even from the one from OBS

Am curious what you’re doing that requires xmlrpc.


Using rutorrent.