is there an equivalent to taks manager in opensuse?

i wanted to check the cpu performance monitor

also, can i use readyboost in opensuse? I wanted to try that out as well

ok thanks

In a terminal type: top

or: ksysguard

should i ask about the readyboost in another forum

thanks for top btw

reads a little different than windows, but i guess it does what is necessary

What’s readyboost?


you plug your usb drive into a port, and readyboost uses it for memory or something, suppose to help your system run faster, then i think its supposed to delete the cache or something when you are done using it

i dont know havent used it yet, its for windows 7 it just came out

but i just read you can use with with linux as well

I guess you’re used of having 3gigs of RAM in your pc and needed… yes, Windows does enable this feature wich is fine if you run short of memory. In my opinion, it slows down and is a pain in the ass. (if you get back an usb-stick from someone who uses Vista or 7, then you will know what i’m talking about. The OS just puts it full with ****.

You’re on openSUSE now, my standard install uses 289MB of RAM. Maximum i have ever needed was around 1900MB out of the 2gig I have, playing a game with serious memory issues/leaks.

I don’t think you’ll need your readyboost soon :wink:

alright cool, i only have 1.5 gigs, but if it actually slows down, then screw it



I use htop vs top.

Or if KDE4, click alt-f2 to bring up krunner. There’s an icon to the left that looks like a square with a wavy line. If you click it, that brings up a window showing system activity.

Images of krunner. Scroll down to see the “Task Manager”.