Is there a working Knetworkmanager-openvpn?

The openvpn in Knetworkmanager doesn’t work, neither does the gnome version. Going to the command line works just fine. Is there a functional front-end for a openvpn client for opensuse 11.1?

Did you attempt to access this page Graphical User Interface.
You shall find out the OpenVPN Control UI for Linux in this official web page…

Thanks, but that doesn’t address my question.

I really don’t want to have to use two different programs to control my network, but since Knetwork is so buggy, especially in KDE4 I guess I don’t have a choice.

Lots of programs are broken or near broken in the OSS opensuse repos(rubygems, openoffice, eclipse, knetwork, etc) I was hoping someone knew if downloading Knetwork from the project site would clear up the issues.

I have kvpnc installed and try to connect with openvpn to a vpn provider but substantially it does not connect either. Using KDE 3.5 with openvpn 2.1 rc (necessary for the provider).
It does connect “low level” and stays there…
Anybody got the openvpn 2.1 rc running with kvpnc in KDE 3.5??

WICD is hopeful of having open/VPN/C support soon in its v2 release. Doesn’t help now, but hope for the future.