Is there a way to using Budgie in OpenSUSE

I want to know is there a way to using budgie in OpenSUSE?

Thank you

I have not attempted it, but check this page:


I do have Solus (with Budgie) installed on one of my computers. But I have not attempted openSUSE with Budgie, as I am quite happy with KDE.

Looks like it’s working fine, openSUSE Leap 15.1 (qemu machine);

Screenshot from 2020-03-28 10-16-24.png

Looks like it’s not polished enough

Have no idea, I use GNOME :wink: But looks alright if you want something light…

I don’t care about being light, I’m a windows user and trying to move to Linux and looking for something that feels right not that different & cartoonish

Most folks on the Forum have Plasma installed, I prefer GNOME (on RPi’s I prefer twin)… recent screenshot here:

I should give it try