Is there a way to put files on blackberrys internal memory?

I have a blackberry curve 8320 and I want to put music and videos onto it, but without using a memory card. I know there’s a way in windows with roxio media manager, but that’s crapware, and I don’t want to login to windows for anything unless it’s absolutely necessary…

I downloaded barry and kitchensync (the KDE version of opensync, I guess) but there’s only the option to sync contacts and events. I just want to put on some ringtones on my blackberry and get pictures off the HD, is this possible in opensuse 11.1 running KDE 4.2.2?

Do you have a bluetooth adaptor on your pc? If so, enable bluetooth and
browsing the blackberry may be an option.

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Nope, I don’t have a bluetooth – but I’ll order one from amazon now :D!

Or down the road to Walmart? I got an IOgear one that works fine under

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Good thing you told me, I just google’d and found that the bluetooth dongle I ordered is linux un-friendly. Thanks again.

I got this one;
Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter

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If you’ll pay for a bluetooth adapter, pay for a MicroSD instead! Blackberries work better with music files on the MicroSD and Linux will recognize the card as a removable disk without installing any drivers.

I have USB not bluetooth. If I connect the BlackBerry to my OpenSuSE 11.1 KDE 3.5 machine and look at the Hardware in YAST2 I can see the BlackBerry. It doesn’t show up in “My Computer” or pop open a window like most devices you can plug in to USB do. If I put the microSD memory in an adapter and try and look at it with my card reader it doesn’t show up eitehr.

It shows up on my Windows XP laptop and It works with BlackBerry Tools on that laptop.

How do you make it play with Linux? I just want access to the music/video and pictures. I am not trying to sync up an address book. Attaching it as a mass storage device.

Have you tried the usb_modeswitch command?

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I googled that and also checked to see if it is installed. It is installed however The google result Draisberghof - Software - USB_ModeSwitch us beyond my computer literacy level. I just want to use my computer and my hardware.

I don’t want to mess up my daily driver and any of the USB devices I use everyday like my printer and USB Hard drives. It looks like no joy and it’s a windows only device. Too bad all my media is on a Linux box and not a Windows box.

I hate that fact that this is the second phone I have bought that doesn’t work on Linux. At least with the LG Phone I had I could take the Memory card out and just use it like any generic memory card. This card isn’t even recognised. A very nice phone in all other respects. My advice don’t by any RIM products they don’t plug and play Linux. I know I will not do it again now that this doesn’t just plug and play.

It shows up on my Windows XP laptop and It works with BlackBerry Tools on that laptop.
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Hmm … I just plug my blackberry into my openSUSE-11.1 PC via a USB, and the sd card on my black berry is hot plug auto mountable (some of the time).

On occasion when that does not work, I can manually mount the black berry.

And then once mounted its a simply drag and drop of video and music files to the black berry.

I once watched a 110 minute movie on the black berry (previously copied from openSUSE to the blackberry), while on the bus to a ski resort.

It works great.

Here is a somewhat dated thread where I posed some of my blackberry experiences: Learning about Blackberry and openSUSE - neat - openSUSE Forums

How do you mount something you don’t even have a device name for?

Plugging it in via the USB connector does nothing. The BlackBerry lights up but KDE does nothing. Is it some moronic permissions problem?

Before you plug the BlackBerry in, type in a terminal/konsole:
df -Th
su -c ‘fdisk -l’ enter root password when prompted for a password. Note that is a LOWER CASE “L” after “fdisk”.

Copy and paste that output to a text file, as you will want to compare to it later.

Now, plug the Black Berry in to your USB connection!

Again type:
df -Th
su -c ‘fdisk -l’ enter root password when prompted for a password.

Now compare that output to your first output. Do you see any diffences ? If your Blackberry is recognized, there should be a difference. In fact, you should get a popup on your Blackberry asking something (I can’t remember what exactly - possibly asking if you wish to charge or access files - clearly you want to select the latter on the Blackberry. Only after you select the latter on the Blackberry should you type the second group of commands).

Unfortunately It didn’t show up as a drive when plugged in.

No difference in output between before and after.

It is showing up as hardware

Hmmm… but is it looking for a charge from your PC? as opposed to looking for your PC being a data tranfer device?

Are you certain this is not a blackberry setting error?

Are you certain you have the USB correct cable to connect to your blackberry? I’m trying to recall now if my black berry uses a bifurcated cable (I can’t remember). I need to check when I get home.

“Media Card Support On”

“Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected Yes”

I don’t see any other settings.

You need to rmmod the berry_charge, and see if it changes (maybe even a
modprobe on usb-storage if the module isn’t loaded.

I wrote a udev patch for barry for my 8703, but I think something
similar could be done…

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Thanks for the help. I don’t have the foggiest notion what rmmod or udev are. I am not a hacker I am just a user. I avoid the CLI as I don’t want a bricked system. I use this computer for everyday use. I can’t afford to have it not working 100%.

Looks like it will be used as a phone only.

I blame BlackBerry not Linux. USB devices should just interface when you plug them in. The USB standard is not a secret. HP seems to get this as it provides everything you need to get a printer working under Linux. All my USB Hard Drives work when plugged in as well. Phone makers just can be assed to do it right.