Is there a way to install Spring on OpenSUSE 11.1?

Hi! I’ve been trying to install Spring on my OpenSUSE 11.1 system, but one of the needed packages (SpringLobby) seems to only have a 64 bit version. There’s a 32 bit version, but only for OpenSUSE 11.0. When I download that rpm and try to install it, I get an error about missing dependencies: libtorrent-0_13, libboost-filesystem and libboost-thread. The strange thing is that I already have these two libboost packages installed on my system. Libtorrent-0_13 isn’t available for 11.1 at all, for 11.0 it’s available only in 64 bit version, and for 10.3 there’s a 32 bit version available. However, installing it tells me that it needs three libboost packages: libboost_date_time, libboost_thread and libboost filesystem, all of them v. 1.33.1. The version I have installed is newer: 1.36.0. Is there a way to install Spring on 11.1? Would it be safe to install libtorrent-0_13 and SpringLobby by making it ignore dependencies?

Follow these instructions.

1, Log into root.
2, Enter your user name and password.
3, Enter the command “zypper in whatever-your-rpm-is-called.rpm” (omit quotation marks]

Zypper will go upstream and search for missing dependencies.

Thanks for the reply, I did it but I got the error:

Problem: nothing provides needed by SpringLobby-

It’s strange, because I have libboost_filesystem installed, but according to YaST2 it provides only the file

I hope you don’t mean literally log on as root this is a no no!
Just open a console and type su then root pass
Then use zypper

If you go and search here for the 11.1 rpms;
Get It
and then download the src rpm for springlobby, you can then compile the
32bit version by running the following command;

rpmbuild --rebuild SpringLobby-

You will need to install the required devel files, but it will tell you
what they are.

Else, send an email to the packager (Look in YaST at the changelog for
an email address) and ask if they can enable the 32bit build.

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