Is there a way to install gufw on tumbleweed?

I really liked firewalld, but coming from debian it’s easier for me to set up gufw. There are some users who also use both. But I didn’t find the gufw package for openSUSE. I tried installing the rpm equivalent, but it opened and closed unexpectedly. Furthermore, by installing it as a package, it does not receive updates. Do you have any solutions?


For example, it would be useful to disable all outgoing traffic. It’s not very easy to do this with firewalld.

Did you try firewall-config? It doesn’t look as light as gufw but still easier than firewall-cmd if you are a GUI person.

zypper in firewall-config

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Yes. I know firewall-config. But I didn’t understand how to disable all incoming or outgoing connections. On gufw there are two little buttons to do it very easily.

firewall-cmd --panic-on

Thank you! Now I will be more precise: how to block permanently all connections except bridge br0 and then the opposite command to unlock them? I will create two aliases that will be as easy.

And how is it related to installing gufw? Please, start new topic with suitable subject. And describe what you actually want to achieve.

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