Is There a Way To Create a New Text Document Without Manually Opening Gedit?


Is there a way to create a new text document without having to drill down and manually open a text editor like gedit? I have an option to create a new folder in the right-click context menu; but not one to create a new document. How can this be done?


Yup, use the ~/Templates folder eg;

cd ~/Templates
touch "New text.txt"
touch "New"
touch "New"

Now if you right click in the folder a new menu item will appear called “New Document” with the above examples, you can edit the files to add default info say for example your to already contain the full shebang (#!/usr/bin/bash).

Cool, Thanks

or try the cmd

touch trial.txt

where trial.txt is the new file name

this will create a file of 0 bytes in the current directory


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