Is there a way how to persist vncmanager settings for user?

*vncmanager *has a nice GUI settings tool called vncmanager-controller. It’s great for one-off settings but what if I want this settings to be applied always, whenever I log in through VNC. Or even for every user. I always want for my VNC session to be the permanent VNC session. Making my server more like a proper MS terminal server, where permanent sessions are default.

Quite strangely for linux, there are only GUI tools, one of KDE and one for Gnome, but no command line tool! Or a configuration file.

There is a configuration file called /etc/vnc/vncmanager.conf but one cannot configure permanent session there. See this example of what’s in there.

I also asked here:
If you wonder what *vncmanager *is, or what permanent VNC session is, I described it there. I guess openSuse people would likely know as this is a tool shipped and sponsored by openSuse for a long time.