Is there a way for normal user(s) to install her own printer, but not manage system printing

I read in SDB:Print Settings with CUPS - openSUSE that a user can maintain her own print queue and options in ~/.cups/lpotions. It goes on to explain how printer administration can be delegated to a normal user.

But I want the user to be able to install own print queue and manage that print queue, but without managing the system-wide printing. How can that be done? Can this be done per user?

I hope I have not missed anything in the quoted article and failed to understand this.

Thanks in advance

I don’t think the install by user part is possible. Users can only select one of the preexisting queues to be their default. They can submit jobs and delete their own jobs (maybe those of others also if the settings of the queue allows). So what you have in mind is not what the article says.