Is there a Restore software?

Is there a Restore software (Suse 11.1) like Win xp got,so I can restore back about 5 days from today?

Thank you be so kind to helping me out.


There is in YAST / System /System Restoration.

However, you have to manually make a backup of your system before running into a problem. It does not do automatic backups for you.

I have to manually backup is it easy to do?.
Is possible could you please help me out hereI don`t know how todo manually.

Thank you your so kind


As you without any doubt went to YAST / System /System Restoration as foresthill suggested, you may have seen YAST /System /System Backup.

I may be stupid, but that looks to me as the other one of the twins.

Yes I looked into and what should I do (I like going back 5 days )
is it possible?
I`m at yast control right now

Not at this point. Unless you do a backup now and wait 5 days. Then you can go 5 days back in time, but not at present.

Well I wil delete my User and add a new user for my login.

Thanks be so kind all of you for helping me out,if I have few more Q. all be back.


That’s a bit confusing

How does deleting your user and recreating it equate to rolling your system back 5 days similar to how winows restore would?

It would be completely starting afresh with your user account rather than ‘rolling back’

If it’s your own user account you like to refresh why not just use Yast’s System Backup tool to create a backup of your /home/username directory then use Yast’s System Restore to go back to that point five days later

Although why anyone would want to keep going back five days I don’t know, you could keep losing things you’d spent time setting up as well as personal files


It may be better to tell us what your problem is instead of asking for a solution ‘like windows’. I for myself do not even know what works ‘like windows’ and I am not willing to by any windows software to find out what solution it has, to find out what problem you have. Are you still with me?


Windows restore is a utility that lets you ‘roll back’ windows to a previously created ‘restore point’

It’s great, I especially like the way there are many viruses it automatically restores after antivirus software has tried removing them :wink:

Foresthill helpful.Henk van Velden not helpful.

Could you be so kind give me hand how to make a restore point

Well then use YaST Backup to make a ‘restore point’ and use YaST System Restoration when need arives.

And this is not for viruses as there are none, but this a normal way to backup data for the event of data loss by whatever reason (disk broken may be the worst and most illustrating).

There are also al lot of other ways to make backups (and of course eventual restores). Look in e.g. Google for ‘Linux backup’ or ‘suse backup’. I use a version of rsnapshot (search for it), it is a adaptable and backup-space friendly shell wrapper that uses rsync. You might also start a thread in the ‘Looking for Something’ subforum of this Forums. Or use the search function of this Forums, I bet more people asked for advise about backup/restore software.

But one important thing. Do not go for any method until you know why you want a backup, what you will be able to restore in an event and where you want to put those backups (think of space).

And when you decided for a product (or your own usage of tools), not only make backups, but also try a restore. Testing is important.

I believe that Ecky is asking after a OpenSuse equivalent of the WinXP System Restore, where the Os takes regular copies of important system files (like the registry) and then should you meet a problem you can opt to go back to a particular point in time for those configuation files.

OpenSuse does not (to my knowledge) have this feature. The backup mechanism can include important configuation files but is not created to specicially back them up.

If you are looking for this feature then you can use the backup program to backup /etc and /home, if you do this regularly enough you will be able to select a point in time to restore to.

OpenSuse is not as vulnerable to system configuration issues as Windows appears to be. It might just be a case of being prudent to back up things just prior to updating/installing things…?

I wasn’t asking after something similar to xp system restore mate, the original poster was

The xp machines here have system restore removed cos in my opinion it’s rubbish

I use ghost for windows restores and a combination of clonezilla and kbackup for the linux machines, though I’m planning on having a play with rsync for keeping incremental backups of everyone’s important stuff on the nice new terabyte drive I put in this over the weekend

Apologies if I caused any confusion