Is There a Panel Widget for Wicked Service?

First please forgive miss posting previously.
I have just installed 13.2 on an x86_64 machine with KDE 4.14.9 desktop.
According to Yast, the network system is now is managed by the Wicked Service but the widget on my panel is still for Network Manager and shows a small red cross.
Is there a widget which shows what is really happening with Wicked Service?

No. At least not yet (I read somewhere that one is planned at some point).

If you need a widget, switch to NetworkManager.
Wicked is not a replacement of NetworkManager, but for the old “traditional” ifup method (like NetworkManager is).
And ifup was being used by default in previous openSUSE versions, not NetworkManager.
The latter one was (and is) only enabled by the installer if a wireless device is detected.

If you want to stay with Wicked and are annoyed by the NetworkManager applet, disable or hide it in the “System Tray Settings”.

Hi Wolfi323,
Ok, understood. I used to prefer the old way so will stick with Wicked for the time being.
Thanks once more.

If you’re interested in seeing if there’s traffic on your machine’s network (a la Windows), there is a small application called knemo. This may or may not be something you are interested in.

Installed knemo and it is exactly what I wanted. Very many thanks once more.