Is there a OpenSuSE Astronomers/Science Support Group?


A friend of mine devoted to Fedora sent me a link for a group giving assistance to astronomers and scientist using Fedora.

I’m an amateur astronomer and I would like to know if we have a similar group in OpenSuSE… or what could be done to create one.


there probably just aren’t that many folks in one distro, really interested in a subset of topics; maybe that is where as a community we find it hard as newcomers to move into other forums: try some forums and areas that seem specificially:

“linux” and “astronomy”;

this for liveCD with astronomy software:
Help to find Live Linux CD for Astronomy

and Software for Linux / Astronomy Cameras Blog

my own experience was of wanting video editing advice on how to use avidemux: I went directly to the avidemux forum, and that sort of thing can be very helpful

i’m interested in astronomy too,there are a lot of softwares for linux dedicated to astronomy:

kstars, Celestia, Stellarium, OpenUniverse…

while here you can find more about groups