Is there a hack to add Symlinks' "Points To" to Dolphin Panel?

KDE is great, & Dolphin is great; so flexible, so configurable. One little tweak i’ve not been able to deduce so far though, is how to achieve this, per my pic:

Is it possible, pls?

I haven’t investigated many of the configurable options with Dolphin (creature of habit I suppose), but I do know it’s possible show the ‘link destination’ for symlink files below the file icon itself. I’m not aware of the possibility for showing this in the ‘Information’ panel. Is that close enough for you?

Ooh, that does sound interesting. It might be a good stopover on the way to my destination, or it might be a good solution in its own right… i’d be keen to try it out pls.

From the Dolphin menu…

View > Additional Information > Other > Link Destination

Ah, yes. I’d explored those other viewing options a few years ago, but then forgot about them coz they don’t suit my needs – sorry, i do not mean to sound ungrateful… thank you for reminding me .

The trouble is that i’m a greedy girl; i want my cake & eat it… then maybe even come back for another cuppa after that! I like small fonts, clustered compact layouts, & best use of screen real estate. Hence my default Dolphin layout is like this:

Whereas as soon as i activate any of those other viewing options, much more space is needed to span the same number of items, eg:

I’m not saying that KDE can’t do this natively, coz i’m pretty good as not seeing stuff right in front of me… but so far over a few years i’ve not managed to find a way to do it. It would be so nice & convenient to have this functionality; it’s boring & slow to need to keep opening Properties on those occasions i need to check links, whereas the Panel / Hover Balloon option would be highly efficient.

LOL! I can well understand your wish to have this configuration option, and as such you probably need to request it as a feature. It is interesting that the configuration options for the ‘Information’ panel seem to be a subset of the ‘Additional Information’ options that are available.

Ta for the links. I’ll peruse them tomorrow, & maybe even go ahead & request the feature there!

Oh groan, of course, tomorrow i also “have” to resume the scanning battle with my lovely MFC-7220. Fun.

The options available in the Info Panel also depend upon the file type. For files that have meta information, most of that is available, take a look at a .jpeg or .odt for example.

Obviously, but this is specifically about the OP wishing to have the info panel the link destination for symlinks.

Yes, of course. I merely made a passing comment in relation to your saying it appeared to be a subset of the “Additional Information”, which appears fixed and is not dependant upon file type.

I wonder also, if the reason for “Link Destination” not being an option for the Info Panel, is one of formatting neatly, what could be quite a long string, into the comparatively narrow width one would normally use for the panel.

And, yes, the best course of action would be a feature request against “dolphin panels:information”

When you hover over a link in dolphin, the destination is shown in the status bar below. Close enough?

Hi & thanks brunomcl

hover over a link in dolphin, the destination is shown in the status bar below

It is good in theory, & even sometimes in practice, but mostly --for me-- it does not work adequately. That’s coz my default mode for Dolphin usage is not with it maximised, indeed, its window typically occupies approx. only 1/4 of my screen . Even if i do maximise Dolphin, there are various filenames & symlinks whose length still exceeds the visible space. More commonly when Dolphin is not maximised, that status bar text is partly if not entirely “unseeable”. Having the Points To path info in the hover balloon & the panel would still be best, for me.

Solved it lol!

Not elegant to setup, as is manual on a per-file basis [copy the [i]Points To from Properties, paste into Panel’s Comment], but once done, it provides exactly the fast visual clue i have been wanting, in the panel & best of all, in the hover balloon. Sweet.

Hum, manual… That’s bound to introduce some misdirections, in time.

It might be worth a feature request to Dolphin developers.

Of course, if you right-click a link and choose properties you’ll see the destination, but that is two clicks more than hovering over it. That might be enough if you only need an occasional reminder of where the link goes.

You could also right-click the status bar and deselect zoom and/or space info, to get some more real state - if you can live occasionally without this widgets. Of course you can turn it back on at any time.

Personally, as much as I like the info panel, I find it better not to use it. Tooltips show the same preview and information, without wasting all that space.

Well, if you happy with that great. I nearly suggested it before as well, but not exactly a solution IMHO… :slight_smile:

Of course it’s not a proper solution, it’s a workaround. It has obvious compromises & limitations. But… needs must. Until the function becomes natively [or otherwise] available, this is the least-worst option for me. Nothing else i’ve tried, nor read of, has provided an acceptable outcome. Yes, i hope for better, but yes this’ll have to do til then.

Fair enough - it works for your needs :slight_smile: