Is there a fan speed/temperature monitoring program for opensuse? I need one.


I have a dual boot with xp and opensuse 11.4. There has been an annoying ‘system fan has failed’ error message that was dealt with by replacing a fan and installing speedfan and hardware monitor on the windows partition, but my opensuse installation has no such programs running, and I want to keep things cool while I’m running opensuse.
Speedfan is a program that tells the fans to turn on and off. Usually according to the temperature that the sensors are reading. The program shows temperatures and fan speeds and allows you to have control.
Is there a fan speed/temperature monitoring program for opensuse? I need one.

Your help is most appreciated.

I thing no. Try with your widgets or if you have not many, download some of them.

I use gKrellm it’s low or resource and displays things like temps, ram usage, etc …
It has “alerts” which when triggered will execute commands based on both warn and alarm limits, these “alarms” can be set for individual fans, temps, ram usage, etc …
Way cool app - I usage it to monitor ram usage and it kills the app that leaks when ram hits 90%

Sorry i don’t think I fully answered your actual q - you want to control and monitor fan speed and I responded with just monitoring fan speed - my bad

This may help:

Repository: openSUSE-11.4-Oss
Name: sensors
Version: 3.2.0-9.12.1
Arch: i586
Vendor: openSUSE
Installed: No
Status: not installed
Installed Size: 294.0 KiB
Summary: Hardware health monitoring for Linux
This package includes programs that show data from some sensor chips.
The interface /proc/bus/i2c/ is provided by loading kernel modules.
Which modules to load can be interactively detected as root by calling
/usr/sbin/sensors-detect. Warning, before using the sensors the default
configuration in /etc/sensors.conf has to be checked and changed to fit
the actual set up of the mainboard and the BIOS used on that specific

but I only see temperature readings in there. No fan stuff.

xfce4-panel-plugin-sensor is an applet for the XFCE desktop but includes a GUI application which can be run in Xorg under any desktop environment.

info: zypper info xfce4-panel-plugin-sensor
install: zypper install xfce4-panel-plugin-sensor

The executable is /usr/bin/xfce4-sensors
Its desktop file (used to create the menu entry in KDE or Gnome) is /usr/share/applications/xfce4-sensors.desktop

Hi,where do i find this gKrellm?

It’s in the oss repository (gkrellm, no caps).