Is the partitioner confused, or am I?

I have a multi-boot setup on two drives and am trying to install openSuse on an existing partition on sdb3. The Yast partitioner is telling me I have two ext3 partitions of 10.23G(sdb1) and 9.7(sdb3), which is correct, along with an extended partition sdb2. This has been verified using GParted from a Mint install.

The Yast partitioner displays the above partitions as well, but also shows a 20.0G ext3 partition sdb4 which simply does not exist. It looks to have combined the sizes of sdb1 & 3 into some kind of pseudo extended partition, or that’s the impression I get. It is also showing sdb4 as root “/” and won’t allow me to select sdb3 and designate it as the root partition for my Suse install.

Also, I’m not quite sure what the “import mount points” function does; perhaps it will provide a solution to the above issue, but I want to make sure it won’t have ‘side effects’:wink: before attempting to use it.

Not a newbie but feeling like one today…

You tried to descript the layout, but i still do not see it before me. Is there something in sdb2, when not why is that extended partition there? Or is sdb3 a logical partition in sdb2?

I know it is difficult to do copy/past from a seperate booted partitioner/repair-disk, but a good readable copy of something like fdisdk -l (or another tool) might help.

Play with the objects at the left pane and you will find a way to edit it somewhere there