is the main 11 update repo down?

after updating the system and restarting opensuse updater can’t seem to find it :frowning:

All of a sudden, I notice mine is not working either…

any when have an idea as to what happened?

nope mines broken also

I’m guessing it has been taken down in preparation for the 11.0 roll out; but maybe I’m just being optimistic.

Wait, what
The update repo was set up this early, before the release :confused:

Oh hush.

Maybe God decided to smite it. Or maybe it got an e-disease.

not only is the update repo down but I am getting a permission denied error on OSS and NON-OSS as well :frowning:

Not all FTP sites have “released” the directories yet.

how much longer do we have to wait?

I still have about 1.5gb left to download :eek:

alright so the oss and non-oss r back online, all things left is the main update repo :slight_smile:

spoke too soon, I can’t download anything from the repos till now

It’s because the redirector places you on different mirror every now and then, some of them have opened the directories and some haven’t.

so when will all this be fixed?

The banner says 2 days to go :wink:

yeah…lol, but I mean when will the OSS and NON-OSS repo come up properly?

snakeeyes wrote:
> yeah…lol, but I mean when will the OSS and NON-OSS repo come up
> properly?
As Chrysantine said, 2 days from now. It will take that long for all the
mirrors to propagate all the correct packages. I’d say just wait until then.

No problem, I updated through the OSS and non-oss mirrors, thats ok right?

What about the main update repo?

Dear developers,

I think that the problem is with inconsistencies between the key you receive at the initial installation of the live cd and key matched during secondary installation. You may already have the latest updates or your key may be related to another repository. The solution to this would be to switch to another repository like the factory repository.

There appear to be two repository paths: > suse.oss/suse.nonoss (primary) > factory.oss/factory.nonoss (secondary)

The repository needs to be completely updated: >

After that the repository becomes a fragment of a more generic suse distribution based on information converging towards a reliable and stable operating system. > (suse|factory).subset

These fragments that are then a part of a more generic suse distribution should become a part of a stabler and leverageable operating system. The paths leading to this stable system are diverge and very complex as in neural network.

Installation issues affecting complexity are:

  1. order of installation
  2. detail of configuration
  3. hostility of obfuscations
  4. time dependent functions
  5. user dependent functions
  6. secure integration modules
  7. continuity of installation
  8. deprecated or dead versions

Even when the installation reaches a dead or deprecated version there may be system aspects that rely on the continuity of your current installation. Things you should consider during installation are.

  1. have I simplified installation?
  2. can I install in a short time?
  3. can I repeat my installation?
  4. am I only using the interface?
  5. am I creating a subset system?

You can always change it to use a mirror rather than, :wink: