Is the kernel update problem fixed yet?

Is the kernel update problem fixed yet?

If you’re speaking of the problem that I’m thinking you are, then don’t
hold your breath…the only ‘fix’ is for you to re-compile your driver.

[That’s a Linux rule…if you COMPILE a driver, and then the kernel updates,
you need to RE-COMPILE/REBUILD your driver, since it’s part of the kernel.]

[Stated another way, if you installed something that required ‘kernel-sources’, then
it compiled some kernel-source-code, so you need to repeat that installation,
when the kernel updates.]

The one is where the kernel update, creates a system that will no longer boot grub fails to boot either new kernel or old. Replacing old grub conf did not work either. DVD boot to system also a no go + chroot to do a new mkinitrd like was suggested in another thread was a no go for me also. Everything was working great before the update, I also tried to get things going on a new install on the same system same problem.

Note one can always
(1) backup /boot/grub/menu.lst, and
(2) download the new kernel rpm to their hard drive, and
(3) install the new kernel with " rpm -ivh <new-kernel.rpm> " which retains the old kernel, and
(4) before rebooting navigate to /boot/grub/menu.lst and check it allows the booting of both kernels, with correct partition assignments. If not, fix grub with a hand edit and save, and
(5) reboot and one is given a choice of kernels upon every reboot.

That way if the new kernel does not work, one simply reboots to the old.

snakedriver had this as a how-to or tip-and-trick on the old sf (but I can’t find it here).

Please post the output of the following:

ls /boot

And the contents of your menu.lst.

went back and played with grub found that is was screwing up the disk labeling on the new kernel, so I can boot now to that but none of my other kernels will boot. i am not into looking into that as I don’t have the time thanks for your input.