Is SLED 10 based on Opensuse 10.3?

I checked Novell Yes Certified list and see HP 550 in the list, but it is tested using SLED 10 with SP2, so I wonder is SLED 10 SP2 similar to Opensuse 10.3 with all updates? I have good experience with Opensuse 10.3, despite the old softwares, it is the best version of Opensuse I’ve used, even 11.x has more or less problems.

I also noticed the 550 model in the list has lower configuration, CPU should not be a problem, the biggest problem should be the video card, my 550 has X3100, is it supported by Opensuse 10.3?

Thanks a lot!

edit: Is opensuse 10.3 still supported? Do i still get security updates? What about using build service to update? How much stability do I lost for using build service? Thanks!

my 550 has X3100

Fantastic, what are they?

There is a list with with hardware support on the wiki and if you’re interested in SLED 10, Novells certified list of hardware might also be relevant.

As to your edit… build service works fine, however lots if maintained by individuals so I guess it might differ per repository as well… my experiences have been good. Not sure, but I think 10.3 is still supported for now. Would be wise to stick to the latest though so you wont be facing ‘the end of support’ any time soon.

No, SLED 10 is based on 10.1.

The link for HP 550 is here:

HP 550

So it means Opensuse 10.3 should support HP 550 better than SLED 10, thus if HP 550 is certified under SLED 10 with SP2, Opensuse 10.3 should not have any problem?

SLED is an enterprise OS from Novell with paid for support
there is a newer version than you quote
Linux Desktop: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop by Novell

openSUSE is very similar but not the same. it’s free and support is mostly via the forum here. Don’t confuse the two.