is power consumption solved in Linux?

regarding to:

**A Proper Solution To The Linux ASPM Problem**
"The Linux kernel power bug that caused high power usage for many Intel Linux systems has finally been addressed. Matthew Garrett of Red Hat has devised a solution for the ASPM Linux power problem by mimicking Microsoft Windows' power behavior in the Linux kernel. A patch is on LKML for this solution to finally restore the battery life under Linux."
... **[Phoronix] [A Proper Solution To The Linux ASPM Problem]( **

is this solution included in opensuse 12.1? if not, may it solve in opensuse 12.1 with an update?

Since the Phoronix article (take care when reading phoronix, sometimes they are writing “what so ever” and sometimes quite Linux-unfriendly AFAIK) tells you that this “mimiking” the behavior of windows with hardware errors will get into the kernel 3.2. I would expect it is better (since 3.1 did correct one issue but not all) and since the problem is especially the incorrect use and errors of hardwareproducers with pci-e energysaving status. With other words saying that this is a Linux problem is like saying: you fullfill standards with your car, don’t you know that some gas stations mix gasoline with gas?". i am running 11.1 (yes unsupported and old) with a 3.1 kernel installed with SAKC script. I do not see bigger problems with the power management currently. Linux has this issue only with faulty machines that do not respect the standards given. So you may try out and see. Always backup first though. Install the powertop packages of Intel and see what consumption you get.

On Mon, 21 Nov 2011 07:16:03 +0000, ilAli wrote:

> is this solution included in opensuse 12.1? if not, may it solve in
> opensuse 12.1 with an update?

It’s not included, as the fix was written right around the time the gold
master was frozen.

Chances are it may be included in an update after it’s been tested more.
There was some discussion about this in the beta/prerelease forum.


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