Is openSUSE Tumbleweed going to be replaced by MicroOS?

I’m a happy Tumbleweed user and I really love it, I use linux only for a year and I like it a lot, the problem is that i see everyone talking about how immutable distros will be the future of linux and this disappoints me beacuse immutable distros isn’t my cup of tea. So, is Tumbleweed safe? Thanks in advance!


Tumbleweed is still going to be the upstream source for ALP and MicroOS.

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So nothing will happen to it? Thanks for the reply!

Nothing better happen to Tumbleweed; I just switched to it! :laughing:

Hopefully, making Tumbleweed the upstream of something else means it is in a more-secure position.

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I don’t understand if you mean that something good will happen in tumbleweed or bad. Sorry for that, english isn’t my native language. Thanks for the comment.

“Nothing better happen to Tumbleweed…”
In this context, “better” = ought to

Imagine that you’re a child, and you want to visit a friend at their house and your mom tells you “You better not stay out too late.”

Oh okay, gotcha. Thanks again.