Is openSUSE "Leap" really on its deathbed?

I would like to know more about this. plz, share useful information.

Leap 15.5 is coming next. It is in beta now. As Mark Twain said “Talk of my death has been greatly exaggerated”.

The is no i586 version any more. That has older users of 32 Bit CPU’s upset, but Tumbleweed still has a 32 bit version.

Linus Torvalds is proposing removing the 486 code from the kernel. I bet it happens with Kernel 7.

There is talk about obsoleting x86-64 that cannot meet v2 spec. There are those that say we need v1. If your CPU is newer than 2008 you probably have v2 cpu (AMD and Intel both have v3 now).

There is little chance that Leap and it’s successor are going away anytime soon.

As someone who has avoided being an openSUSE Member, I’m continually surprised by the opinions that, openSUSE Leap as such, will disappear within the next few years.

  • At a guess, it’s possibly some confusion around the major versions of Leap having limited support lifetimes. Please take note of the “Lifetime” statements: <>.

  • And yes, there is some confusion about the “Advanced Linux Platform” (ALP). Please take note of the openSUSE News posts: <>.
    As well as, the discussions around ALP in this Forum and, the ALP presentations at the openSUSE Conference which took place last summer ( this year – 2022 ).
    And yes, there are articles in the Computer Press and other Computing Forums dealing with this topic but, AFAICS, they’re avoiding investigating the Open Development by both SUSE and, the openSUSE Community, which is happening to get ALP up and running.