Is openSUSE becomming unpopular?

Hello, I was wondering what to install: Ubuntu or openSUSE. Atm I’d probably preper Ubuntu, because it has so big community. But at the same time I was wondering if openSUSE is becomming unpopular? I mean there are only ~200 ppl online on the IRC channel. Is the openSUSE community still alive and active? How are the thing going on here?

here, as in Australia, beautiful, and a few people per square meterrotfl!

Welcome newcomer to the openSUSE forums. There is no doubt that Ubuntu has a large following. openSUSE seems to be considered to be in the top five most popular Linux distributions. Our popularity goes up and down with each new release of openSUSE and I feel we are in a lull right now as openSUSE 12.2 has been out a while and openSUSE 12.3 has yet to built up a lot of steam, we just had our first release. A quick check finds that while we have 70,000 plus forum members, only about 3,000 are regulars in using the forum. As openSUSE 12.3 get nearer its next release we will see an uptick no doubt and an increase to about the number three release position, based on distro downloads. In the end though, the quality and stability of the distro release will determine if you keep using it or not. openSUSE was my first Linux distribution I was able to get to work as I wanted and I have learned so much more about the release such that its second nature to get it to do exactly what I want.

If you are interested in useful bash scripts ready to load and run, have a look at my blog post here.

openSUSE 12.2 Bash Script Download Bonanza! with Bash Script Loader - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Half of the fun is customizing the distribution to run fast and to use just the right combination of apps. Its way faster than Windows and it has a heck of a performance to cost ratio that just can not be beat. And by the way, you have a pretty good support system here in the openSUSE forums.

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opensuse is still very popular with me :stuck_out_tongue:

The posting rate at opensuse forums seems to be down from what it was two years ago. However, the last two releases (12.1 and 12.2) were exceptionally good - relatively few problems. And the forum posting rate goes down when there are few problems. That might perhaps also explain what you are seeing on IRC.

Obviously, I cannot tell you what to choose for yourself. That has to be your decision. But I do expect there to be plenty of support available in this forum, should you run into problems with opensuse.

Incidentally, I just finished a little more testing of 12.3 Milestone 1.

I have recently moved full time from Debian to openSUSE. I made this move because openSUSE seemed (despite Debian’s reputation for freedom and reliability) the more free and reliable choice of operating system. Setup is easier, the system performs better, and community is great. I had worries that I would perhaps miss the huge package repository of Debian but I have yet to not find something I needed. Perhaps openSUSE can continue on an upward trend when users hear about how reliable and modern it is.

If popularity were key I would be using Windows, think about it that way. :slight_smile:

How big is that? You must have measured it somehow.

But at the same time I was wondering if openSUSE is becomming unpopular? I mean there are only ~200 ppl online on the IRC channel.

That many! :open_mouth: Just how many were you expecting? Does ubuntu’s IRC channel have lots more online users?

On 2012-11-19 23:26, arnsa wrote:
> Hello, I was wondering what to install: Ubuntu or openSUSE. Atm I’d
> probably preper Ubuntu, because it has so big community. But at the same
> time I was wondering if openSUSE is becomming unpopular? I mean there
> are only ~200 ppl online on the IRC channel. Is the openSUSE community
> still alive and active? How are the thing going on here?

I don’t care for IRC. Is that your measure of popularity?
Don’t you have your own criteria for choosing a distro?

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Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” (Minas Tirith))

On Mon, 19 Nov 2012 22:26:02 +0000, arnsa wrote:

> But at the same
> time I was wondering if openSUSE is becomming unpopular?


> I mean there
> are only ~200 ppl online on the IRC channel. Is the openSUSE community
> still alive and active?

IRC activity is not an effective measure of popularity. It’s kinda like
looking to support forum activity and drawing conclusions because fewer
people are having problems. :slight_smile:

> How are the thing going on here?

They’re fine, in general. :slight_smile:


Jim Henderson
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there is no doubt that ubuntu is the most favorate distro in China.
but imo openSUSE is more beautiful , stable and easy to use than ubuntu. so after having been using ubuntu for more than 2 years, i turned into openSUSE in one night.
i think openSUSE needs more spread.

openSUSE tends to be very stable and pretty much hassle free. Its incredibly polished! I was/am a long time Kubuntu user, and still use it on occasion and you can feel the difference especially with the KDE experience; openSUSE is superior.

To be fair, openSUSE users tend to be more experienced and the help here is usually brilliant. Kubuntu has an amazing forum but it isn’t nearly as populated as the openSUSE forums so help with KDE issues are easier to resolve here. Ubuntu forms tend to be a poor source of KDE help and the forums are very heavily moderated.

I think Opensuse is one of the quiet distros we may not be No.1 but up there. Those that use Opensuse are just quiet users not the yelling,"I’m a Linux user & proud of it!!!" type. This may give one an incorrect view.
As pointed out previously most of us have experience & fix stuff ourselves, then not write about it thinking,“eh, everyone else here knows how to do that.”
When it comes to IRC I personally have not & still don’t like the format. Thank you robin for showing me I’m not the only one!
So IMO using IRC metrics will give a distorted view.
If one is going to use forum metrics don’t forget one thing about Ubu a lot of people there are new to all this Linux stuff. Which will distort perception as well. Later on if they come here they know what to do & become like the the ones I mentioned.
So Opensuse a leader of the pack number wise? Of the top 10 maybe somewhere between 4-6th place where once again IMO this distro has been for quite a while.

Does ubuntu’s IRC channel have lots more online users?

If popularity were key I would be using Windows, think about it that way.
How succinct!

China is a big country with a lot of very capable programmers and software engineers. I’ve read openSUSE is very popular in China. This is a big plus for openSUSE IMHO.

When we read of GNU/Linux distribution statistics, I often ask myself if the popularity of openSUSE GNU/Linux in China is taken into account ? My suspicion is the language and different script/alphabet for the written language is so different, that it excludes any country (that does not share the same script as North America and the West European countries) from being included in the statistics that are thrown about.

For arnsa, I don’t place a lot of faith in the statistics nor many popularity assessments.

I also ask myself, how big does a distribution have to be for it to reach the critical mass (?) where upon the critical mass is large enough so that the distribution is easy to use ? Is being the most popular in western forums the main criteria for selecting a distribution ? And how can one judge the most popular ? My experience is the more popular IRC channel typically appeals to only those who speak English. Yes there are many other languages in use on the IRC chat channels, but such channels are not so popular, even though a GNU/Linux distribution may be used in a widespread manner in countries that speak that language.

I think it difficult to draw accurate most popular conclusions based on some of the commonly quoted sources … For example, I don’t believe the Distrowatch statistics in terms of precise popularity position, but rather consider it a very very VERY rough indication, where any of the top 6 or so places could be easily swapped around.

My view is to find a reasonable distribution, and then stick with it as long as practical, as IMHO the more one stays with one distribution, the easier it becomes to use and the more polished ones applications/execution becomes with that chosen distribution.

Yes the infamous “Silent Majority!”. I recall hearing this phrase many years ago…

Sagemta must be right. I remember seeing figures on # of downloads, # of downloaded packages, # of calculated users, where a possible conslusion could have been was that SUSE/openSUSE might very well be bigger than the *buntus. Thus indicating that it’s hard to draw conclusions in this field.

Hardly, but its hard to deny the massive popularity of Ubuntu.
For new users Ubuntu is fantastic, I even say its better then openSUSE for those just coming into linux and are interested in how it works, Ubuntu is a good testing ground to know how linux works in general.
I consider my learning experience on Ubuntu a positive one, after all without it I would have never learned how command line works, how to set up repositories or set up software.
Yes ubuntu can be very clunky, its got a lot of issues that needs to be ironed out but its never going to be a stable distro until Unity becomes more viable…
its getting there but unity has some cooking time left.
And yes openSUSE is far more stable (at least in 12.2 for me) then Ubuntu, but sometimes ease of use wins out and ease of use is one thing Ubuntu outshines almost anything on (I find installing codecs a tad easier in Ubuntu for example, at least from a new users perspective) so its always been a double edged sword for me.

There’s little I can add to what has already been said but I think the question is an odd one.

Of course there’s no reason why you can’t install more than one distro on a single rig. :slight_smile:

In which case it’s probably best for you to stick to Ubuntu, since a big community is obviously very important to you. However persisting with this standpoint (and as mentioned in a previous post), attaching such importance to the size of the community suggests you should just use Windows. Personally I find Ubuntu and openSUSE very different distros to the extent in which the last reason I would choose one over the other is purely on differences in popularity.

Your point raises the difficult question of gauging the size of a distro community. Distrowatch’s statistics mean very little. I’m not sure IRC chat room populations are any better. For example how many of those on IRC are actually active? How many on that IRC channel actually use the corresponding distro? For example, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Debian users on Ubuntu’s channel etc…

Nonetheless, I find it very odd that your choice of Ubuntu vs openSUSE seems to be based on the number of those online in IRC. Since the two distros are so different, why haven’t you apparently excluded other popular distros such as Mint, Mageia, or CentOS? How big are their IRC communities?

Try both and make your choice … :expressionless:
My advice is to use openSUSE … :wink:

On 11/19/2012 11:26 PM, arnsa wrote:
> Hello . . . How are the thing going on here?

things are great, how about with you, first/only time poster??

so, other posters here: Don’t you get it?

this is some psychology major writing a paper about the methods of
irrationality in random internet discourse once sparked to life with a
preposterous, offensive and baseless question (like: “…I was wondering
if openSUSE is becomming unpopular?”)…

nothing to see here–please do not feed the trolls. </sigh>


Yeeees. The silent majority has spoken, at last. lol!

I was wondering how long it would take before someone else [besides Carlos :wink: ] decided to probe the validity of the provocation before us.