Is opensuse 11.3 compatible on an ibm x3650m3 box????

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, what i want to know is that is opensuse 11.3 compatible on the ibm x3650m3 hardware.

Checked in the ibm website but the OpenSuse was not displayed under the supported operating systems which means that opensuse is not been tested on the x3650m3 hardware.

If any one can provide me a link where in i can find the server hardware compatibility list for the opensuse11.3. it would be very helpful for me.

thanks in advance.

Try a live cd, usually give the best indication Download openSUSE 11.3

suggestion taken, but the problem is that the customer has not yet purchased the hardware and wants to be sure that the right hardware is being purchased. Thats the reason i wanted to know if there is any link listing the server hardwares supported by OpenSuse11.3.

You can look here but it will possibly not be complete enough
Portal:Hardware - openSUSE

I see in IBM System x3650 M3: Specifications, that SLES is listed there. As openSUSE is related to SLES (all things good in openSUSE, later flow into SLES/SLED :wink: ), I guess that openSUSE will run well in this box. But nobody here can guarantee. When you are talking about a “customer” and seeing the aim that box is build for, I quess this is for a professional environment. In that case I would advise to go for SLES. Then you have a system with long life support and professional support from Novell instead of depending on the support given on these Forums (but we are goooood!).

i checked the link but no info available on ibm servers.