Is opengl not supported in this milestone?

This may seem like a stupid question but I have installed openSUSE 11.2 milestone 1 on VirtualBox and compiled the kernel module to add the drivers and everything to the system but according to the system OpenGL is not supported even though I have 3D Acceleration enabled and the system has 120 MB video memory. I figured sense I am going to be playing with this just for the fun of it and find bugs while I’m at it I might as well play with the composting effects but XRender is just to slow.

I don’t know what vid card that you are using. But when I installed 11.2 MS1 I had to reinstall the legacy nVidia drivers for my card.

When you use VirtualBox, that part is emulated? Right?

Yes I have the 3D Acceleration enabled on virualbox and have the kernel module compiled which gives me the driver for their emulated video card. I know it works with the latest Ubuntu release so it not their driver.