Is Nvidia Optimus working on OpenSUSE without Bumblebee?

Hello, I’ve tryed OpenSUSE 13.1 and Nvidia Optimus worked with Bumblebee, but Bumblebee is a terrible workaround for Nvidia Optimus notebooks, since it has an astrocious performance drawback. On Ubuntu based distros there’s now nvidia-prime, which uses only the proprietary Nvidia driver for full Optimus support, so there is no need for Bumblebee. As far as I tested nvidia-prime on Ubuntu, the performance is really good, but it still has some minor issues that I couldn’t solve (so I stoped using Ubuntu). I would like to know how things are on OpenSUSE right now (13.2 / Tumbleweed) concerning Nvidia Optimus support. Is Nvidia Optimus working without Bumblebee, using nvidia-prime or something like that?

PS: I need Nvidia Optimus fully working in order to work and to play games on my spare time using my Nvidia GeForce 730m video card and the proprietary Nvidia driver. I’m not considering using Bumblebee again, at first.

Optimus is a terrible hardware kludge. The Intel GPU does all displaying NVIDIA is used more or less for calculating. This is hard-wired And this is also the choke point.

When you used Bumblebee did you use it correctly using primus or optirun to start any app that required higher performance??? The NVIDIA engine would not kick in until you do.

As to nvidia-prime well I have not heard of it for openSUSE only Ubuntu and derivatives. If it does not work right on Ubuntu then I doubt it would work on openSUSE :open_mouth:

Any way on openSUSE it appears bumblebee is the only way and it does work but can be a bear to install and work right unless you follow the instructions exactly

I set Bumblebee properly previously and it was not worth the effort. As I mentioned, I don’t intend to use Bumblebee anymore. And I agree that Nvidia Optimus is a ****, sadly this is the hardware I’ll use for the next years. I’m currently using only Windows, but I’m looking forward to using Linux again, when there exists an alternative to Bumblebee.