is logic a foriegn concept?

I am over 50 and I have used the word anyways in conversation before. Where I am from, playing grammar cop will get your nose broken. >:) It is not an age thing. It is a respect thing. :slight_smile:

Well, you shouldn’t have taken it off topic to start with. :wink:



“Anyways”! I would guess, @Tim was probing to see if OP was a young buck just trolling!

But I gotta laugh, I’m closer to my sixth decade. I can’t very well say I’m middle-aged and get away with it any more. And I say stuff like
And many more! I’ve had online conversations where I got complaints because I “talked” like somebody their age (teens, college), and they didn’t think that was fair!

All that said, I hear the OP’s pain. openSUSE may be my personal fav distro to date (we’re working on that), but it does hide some of the settings quite well. This is good and bad. So, while I don’t agree with the OP, I can see why they said what they said. The answer mentioning zypper sounds like a good one.

Weighing back in on my original post, I stand with what I said at the start. Having developed software for over 30 years, it has always been policy to identify an error found in config files and issue a warning followed by either internally handling the problem such as ignoring the error and presenting the user with a blank slate to fix the problem by selecting the correct settings, or providing more info of the type of error encountered (a problem was found in etc/fstab - please correct) followed by exiting the set-up, or just exiting the set-up.

What got my dander up was that Yast reported the error and asked for an acknowledgment to the error report and instead of giving advice or exiting, it just looped to re-report the error. Nothing on the desktop would work without acknowledging the error so the system became locked! forcing a manual power-off.

Thusly, my comment / rant was in essence “come on guys - think the process through completely, don’t stop half way!” unfortunately some took it that I was asking for a cookie cutter approach or a system should fix it for me mentality.