Is Linux desktop secure

I know that most people on this forum know everything that is written in the article but I think it’s worth a read or as a reference to give your friends why antivirus is not needed on Linux.

I was reading this article a couple hours ago. Please kick me in my back but I didn’t see the advice to block out root login. Can spare you a lot of problems.

Passwords? Reading at the same time: Crackin WiFi WPA/WPA2 passwords.**

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A desktop is only as secure as the humans using it. Even though Linux has far more protection built in or available for users than other desktops, if the humans using it choose to ignore the available protection, it ceases to be secure.

Yep I didn’t see that very good advice in the article as well. Anyway I never said this is the perfect and only one true article on ultimate security :slight_smile:

I too firmly believe that the user is largely the problem with most invasive issues on any machine, be it Linux, Windows or other…
There is simply no substitute (or security software) that can counter the actions of a complete imbecile - and there are plenty of them.
As Linux rises in popularity it will surely face more threats
It’s Microsoft’s monopoly like foothold that makes it a target

But I do believe Linux offers a inherently more secure system, particularly if you adhere to commonly accepted safe practices.

Dzién dobry!

I still have a 3.5" floppy (I_will_not_tell.nlm)left from Novell times in my desktop drawer. Reset adm password. I have also been helpedby when stepped in more recent OS’s of SuSE…

Win? If I have psychical access to the HW I solve it quite fast.

Maybe Ubuntu is safer using the policy of sudo. Got me annoyed the first time I was asked to solve problems there.

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It is my understanding that avatars are personal and chosen by.
The user is not the problem. Using a given choice. Blame the developers instead. imbecile?

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What I did to make my desktop more secure (without getting to the point where it was annoying to use) was read the documentation on activedoc. Its a great read and does explain what many of the fancy sounding options in YaST actually do. In fact I downloaded the pdf versions and keep them on my system and removable media because I like it that much. Obviously at the end of the day, I am probably the weakest link on the system and if I open all my ports and start running random binaries from the internet its my fault not the computers.


One of the things that annoys me with *buntu’s is their use of sudo. Sudo, if set up right, can be very useful. However, they use sudo for the admin and user account. One password to rule them all. I see this as a fatal flaw. I like the Gentoo philosophy because you get to setit up the way you want it. You have absolute control. This can be both good and bad. A misconfigured service can make the system vulnerable. But then in Gentoo, it’s all about studying and implementation. I learned a lot from Gentoo. There were two things in Gentoo that drove me away. 1) couldn’t get pipelight to work. 2) installing/updates takes a loooooooooooong time, and it’s resource intensive. Now you can set a niceness to it. You can also do parallel downloads and installs, to move things along. I had mine set to four parallel downloads and installs.

The trouble with binary distros is that they decide for you what gets installed and what services are enabled. You might get to have some say in the matter, but not much. Let’s say you have an amd motherboard and an ATI graphics card. Now with binary distros, they install intell, vesa, ati, nuevea (However you spell that thing). All of these are not necessary. You really only need Xorg and the ati driver. Also with binary distros, they enable nearly everything in the kernel. This makes the kernel configurable to almost any hardware, but it also makes the kernel bloated and activates services not needed. Now, of course you can recompile the kernel yourself, and narrow it down a bit. Linux, like a power tool, is only as good as the one who uses it. You can make it crazy secure, or you can make it as insecure as Windows or even worse. Knowledge is the key.

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