Is LINUX compatible with DELL Optiplex?

Well, this question is not about Install/Boot/Login strictly but ya its about RESTART OPTION IN LINUX.
i have Dell Optiplex Desktop and initially installed Ubuntu 8.10 on it. Had problems with restsarting Ubuntu 8.10. It used to hang up at the log out orange bar screen. But i experienced no problem with shut down demand and then restarting manually. so i posted this problem in ubuntu forums and launchpad. found it to be a bug which has not been solved till date. had to force hard start with the RESTART command.

Now i have installed Suse 11.0 on my system and i am experiencing the same problem with suse 11.0 install too. SHUT DOWN command seems to work fine but when i give a command for RESTART, it hangs the same way on the green log out screen at the end of white bar.
can any body suggest a remedy for this…
Please frenz i don’t want to remove linux from my computer, but keeping linux with this bug/ problem on my computer will definitely cause harm to my computer hardware with forced shut down…

Have a look here
HCL/Desktops/Dell - openSUSE

Sorry for a little correction in my post:
Its command in the third line(instead of demand)
and later

i have to force hard shut down when i give RESTART command, because it hangs (in the third line itself)

Mine is Optiplex 330 n series desktop. Its not in the list mentioned on the link page.

Something is mentioned about acpi issue in Optiplex 320 n series. I think 320 must be similar (if not same) to 330. Can someone explain me acpi issue… may be turning it off may solve the problem…???

try the failsafe boot in the boot menu. That will normally have acpi=off in the boot arguments

if it works you can always try adding it to the default boot argument in /boot/grub/menu.lst

Failsafe turns off other things, too. I would suggest booting normally but adding the following in the Boot Options below on the boot menu:


If that doesn’t work, try:


Because it sounds like the lockup occurs when the bootsplash is reinvoked at shutdown.

And, does the problem occur if you issue a shutdown command from a terminal as root?, thus:

shutdown -h now