Is Kgpg Broken on 11.2?

I loaded off DVD for Kgpg, but click on it and have the bouncing lock key, then disappears from menu bar. De-installed and Re-installed several times. Will not work properly. Anybody have any idea?

Brand new installation, TODAY:\

Ok exactly where are you getting kgpg from (some disk???)

It is installed here and seems to work fine. It is also in the regular repository but I think it is installed by default. May be wrong and maybe it does not install from CD versions (space limitations). But it is available from the repository.

I am using Kgpg for years now.

In 11.2 too, Kgpg was installed by default from the DVD. I never had to do anything whenever I installed a newer openSUSE (I always keep the earlier home partition as such).

KGpg is just fine. The icon is just hidden in the system tray as KGpg is inactive after startup. Click on the small arrow besides your system tray area and the KGpg icon will show up.