is jssh for firefox supposed to work?


I have installed gnome opensuse11.1 on my new laptop.

I installed the jssh add-on in firefox without error messages but when running ‘firefox -jssh’ firefox does not open any jssh port, ie i cannot connect to the usual 9997 port with telnet and cannot get any jssh port info with netstata either.

I am using opensuse 11.1 & ubuntu 8.04 on older hardware and the jssh extension works with the distro firefox version (i.e. no need to compile).

any suggestions?


well i solved the problem removing official suse firefox and running the official firefox.

i am still curious to know why the official suse firefox is hanging on jssh?

any clues?

The jssh Firefox Add-on is not currently supported by anybody. You pry downloaded the XPI binary from somebody who compiled it on their machine, with their particular version of firefox. While it may work on any particular Firefox build, it pry won’t. Most people have to compile from source themselves, especially with a non-standard machine, such as a 64-bit machine.

I realized my comment may not clearly have answered your question. The reason it works on the standard firefox build is that the jssh XPI you are using was pry compiled using the standard Firefox build, not the SUSE build.