is it worth upgrading from 11.3 to 12.1 on hp nx6325?

hey guys…
my current machine is a HP lapton nx6325 and it’s specs are:
AMD Turion2 x64 CPU (dual core)
****** ATI Express 200M graphic card
Broadcomm Wireless network card
and other(regular hdd, .etc)

I’m using OpenSUSE 11.3 at the moment with the kernel that it comes with (2.6.something)…
and I was wondering if it’s worth upgrading to 11.4 or even 12.1

are there any big advantages?
will it be ok?
will I have hardware issues?

thanks :slight_smile:

Well for 11.3 there is only 8 days left until it’s discontinued… good reason to upgrade to something :wink:

I would imagine some sort of fun with the graphics, but why not try out a LiveCD of 12.1 in your system?


thanks for the heads up, I didn’t knew it won’t be supported so soon… and yes, it a good reason to upgrade…

also, good idea, the one with the LiveCD, i’ll try that first and see how’s is going…

yes, I’m afraid of some problems with he graphics…and wireless also… :expressionless: hope it will be ok though :slight_smile:

If 12.1 I think you should be fine on the wireless side, I’m running broadcom wireless fine on 12.1 without jumping through hoops (Thank you lwfinger :slight_smile: )

thanks for the info…graphics will be okay too, without the 3d rendering…but I don’t play any games on it …
I’ll test it tomorrow with a LiveCD

thanks all :slight_smile:

On 01/09/2012 09:26 AM, malcolmlewis wrote:
> If 12.1 I think you should be fine on the wireless side, I’m running
> broadcom wireless fine on 12.1 without jumping through hoops (Thank you
> lwfinger :slight_smile: )

The only thing you will need to do in 12.1 is to make certain the firmware is

sudo /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware

That step is still necessary as Broadcom continues to refuse anyone yo
redistribute their firmware. The above script gets around this by downloading
one of the binary drivers that must be redistributable and then extracting the
firmware from it.

AFAIK the ATI X200M is not supported anymore by the proprietary driver, so you’ll be limited to the radeon/radeonHD driver included in the LiveCD. Testing with a liveCD, then, is a really good idea.

I do have 12.1 64_bit running quite nicely in a Turion 64-bit single-core laptop w/2GB RAM, so apart from video your hardware should be more than enough for 12.1

indeed the X200M isn’t supported by the proprietary driver, and I’m already using the radeon driver that 11.3 comes with…so that’s not biggie :slight_smile:

today I’ll test it with the LiveCD and see what happens…

btw… as part of my job I’m working remotely on a VM that has a RedHat Linux 6 (or so) and I’m curious if I pull the project on my personal machine…will it work??
the project is a big website developed with perl and mojolicious framework…apart from the facts that I have to install every module and dependencies that the application uses…will OpenSUSE enviroment be compatible with RedHat??
or should I look at Fedora?

I suppose it will depend on how you access the VM remotely. If you’re using full virtualization I don’t think it matters, but I’m not sure. Try posting in the virtualization forum, I think you’ll get better feedback there.

well I’m accessing it through ssh, that’s all…but thanks for the tip with the new Virtualization forums…I will have a VM with windows inside on my personal pc

so I’e just tested 12.1 on my machine with a liveCD, and it worked great…I also like the /usr/sbin/install_bcm4xx_firmware script
it’s so much easier to configure my wireless…

thanks everybody,
i think I’ll upgrade tonight :slight_smile: