Is it safe to run Cacti on a Box Already running Nagios Core?

Just curious and is there any good step by step tutorial on how to do it?

I’ve used Nagios already setup to use Cacti but never configured from scratch myself.
And, unless someone new shows up in these forums with that kind of background I doubt someone can described a proven step-by-step.
There appears to be at least two methods of integration (c2n and npc).

But, before you go too far down this path, I’d recommend a different approach I’ve described earlier in other posts.

One of the main things I see repeatedly is new or less experienced Nagios users creating a mish-mash of Nagios because although there is a “correct, organized” way of setting up Nagios, there is no obvious guidance. You would know the “right” way only if you did some extensive reading instead of experimentation or… what I highly recommend is to deploy any of many solutions built on Nagios instead of Nagios itself.

Solutions built on Nagios include some which use Nagios Core as the foundation and others which completely re-build the code but retain the principles and architecture of Nagios. Practially all support the vast number of Nagios plugins and clients.

A simple Google search should turn up many, but I’ll list a few here

And there are probably many, many more…
With practically any of the above and their types, you simply install, fire it up and pretty much start filling in the information, you’re guided through the process of setup, management and configuration.