Is it safe to enable/use Online Update Configuration with Tumbleweed?

New OpenSUSE Tumbleweed user.

I understand that with Tumbleweed I should never do zypper up and should do zypper dup instead.

What about the Online Update Configuration tool in YAST? Is it safe to use or not? If not, how should I setup automatic updates?

I assume it will do zypper up (or even only zypper patch), thus no.

And I may be a bit biased (I would never do any automatic update), but I guess that with zypper dup, that sometimes will install hundreds of packages, this is even a much worse idea.

But it is up to you of course. Simply enough to have a system cron job once a day (or what frequency you want).

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Every now and then Tumbleweed will hit dependency problem that cannot be resolved automatically and needs manual input. This is relatively frequent. So having unattended automatic update is probably not the best idea.

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