Is it safe to add user to "disk" group for K3b?

This has come up at other posts here about having to add your user to the “disk” group in order to get “K3b” to recognize the cd / dvd drive. My question to those on this board that know alot more than me (everyonelol!) is, how safe is this? Are there any security concerns with doing this?


Yes - I think you will be fine using this temp work-around. Had the same problem when I tried to copy some songs from a CD using CD Rip. But adding my user details to the ‘disk’ group sorted it out.

Users from the disk group have raw access to all your drives… that isn’t exactly “safe”. But if you trust yourself… isn’t really a bad workaround for a home PC.

The correct fix is to make the optical drives group owned by cdrom and to add the user to this group. No doubt some patch package will fix it sooner or later.

Bug is for those who want to track what patch will fix it.

If you are the only user on the machine, an acceptable fix is to add:

/dev/sr0 yourlogin:users 640

to /etc/permissions.local.

I thought about doing that but I’ve read on a blog that someone tried this but it only changes it back to the ‘disk’ group later. Apparently there’s a script somewhere that changes it back. Not sure if this is 100% correct as I haven’t tried it yet.

You have to fix the ownership in the udev rules so that it’s “permanent”. See the bug report, or wait for the patch.

I did this and it worked like a charm.