Is it possible?

To hide the boot dialog while starting up? I guess it really doesn’t matter but I’d rather not have to look at all that coding. I was just wondering if there’s a way to hide that or is that something we’re all forced to deal with?

Not really a big deal, I’m just an idiot. :open_mouth:

Have a search for ‘splash screen’ around the forum, and it should turn something up.

It might be as simple as adding ‘splash=silent’ to your boot options. It might be more involved than that - sometimes I think you need to rebuild your initrd.

Mine always had problems because it’s installed on an external USB drive. But in most cases it can be done…

Also - the ‘code’ is good, once you’re used to it. You see more information about your system status, and subtle pointers to errors that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, until something went horribly wrong…

I think the setting is/was in Yast->System or maybe YAST->System->Boot->Advanced.

I know mine bootsplash = silent which means I have to press ESC key during boot to see all the start-up messages. I know I found it once in 11.1 but now I got 11.2.

Alrighty, I’ll click around & see what I can do. Thanks for the input boys!