is it possible

haven’t been on the forums for a while but am thinking of coming back to opensuse.

bit of an update:
windows xp user up until a year ago, then tinkered with opensuse and ubuntu for a bit and went with ubuntu as it was more friendly to install and a few of my mates had it so i had the help there. used ubuntu mainly for uni work and general use really and now that i have finished uni and have a bit more free time, i wanted to do some casual gaming.

at the moment, i have reverted back to windows xp as it’s the only way i could play counterstrike source, need for speed most wanted, age of mythology and starcraft.

i have tried doing a dual boot but it didn’t work out. installed xp first and that went ok, put on opensuse 11 but got confused with the partitioner so went to ubuntu and installed that. installation went well and rebooted and tried to boot up xp and wouldn’t work. it just came up with the hard disk recovery.

i was wondering if it is possible to get these games up and working on opensuse.

i’ve heard of wine, crossover and cedega. didn’t try cedega as i had to pay for it, i got confused with wine and with crossover i got it up and running but it would not let me put on the games i play.

I would check here
WineHQ - Wine Application Database

Multi-booting should be no problem XP/SUSE
If your talking Desktop not laptop and can have 2 HD’s it’s totally easy.
And really if you are such a Games enthusiast you really are better with M$. I can tell you though, Wine is Much improved.

thanks for the quick reply.

i’m using a compaq presario v3000
nvidia graphics card
amd turion 64
1 gb ram
80 gb hard drive.

i would very much like to switch over to opensuse/ ubuntu/ linux due to it being more stable and secure, but i’m a noob with linux and would like to do some casual gaming.

i might stick with xp for the moment and do a bit more reading up here on the forums and websites till i have enough info in my noggin to cross over.

80GB HD is kind of small these days

I know it can be difficult - But if you could add another you would be in a dream position for Linux install. XP on one drive, Linux on the other.

This guide explains about that possibility:
Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

my laptop is about 3 years old. cool, doubt i’d be able to add a extra drive. everything seems pretty much sealed up.

Spare USB port, add an external USB one?

On my Toshiba Tecra M3 (mid 06 version) it came with a 60GB drive, It
now has a 100GB in it. Does the cd/drd drive remove and can be swapped
for a caddy like the cd/dvd but holds a hard drive?

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nope, the dvd drive looks solid in there.

so if i got a external usb drive, which os would i load on it, suse or xp?

i’m thinking of using suse/ linux as my main day to day work/ net stuff and xp is mainly for gaming.

If you doing gaming, then I would install openSUSE on the external

Have a look over on the page for details.

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Just watch out though - many usb drives use more power than the usb port can supply.
If you look around, you can get a larger drive cheaper.
Else get a proper powered usb hub connector that can deliver the current to the external drive.
I got one for my old acer 290 and although it has a dual boot with XP, I rarely use XP or any windows now unless I really have to - and this from somone who used to support windows products!
Ubuntu is great for the home user, but if you are willing to learn you’ll get more from suse, redhat or even plain debian. I like suse because the help is more forthcoming, easier to find and friendlier than redhat/fedora - plus yast is still the best admin tool of all the distros.