Is it possible to use Xine in Amarok?

After installing Amarok from packman in 64 bit 12.2 and playing some flac file I noticed bad audio, which can only mean Gstreamer. So I go to change it and Gstreamer is the only available option! :’(

I seem to have all the Xine and Alsa packages installed but I could easily be missing something. Please tell me that GStreamer is not the only option.

Try installing phonon-backend-vlc, setting it in kde systemsettings, and then logging out and logging back in. Also you might want to make sure your audio mixers are not set too high as it causes distortion.

You probably mean phonon-backend-xine.

Unless gstreamer has changed significantly from 12.1 (from the KDE 4.9 repositories) I don’t know if that is your problem. My entire music library is in flac format at it all sounds great through Amarok (or guayadeque which I prefer) both using gstreamer as backend.

That is what I thought he meant but phonon backend xine doesn’t exist in oss, non-oss, or packman. For some strange reason they dropped the package in 12.2 which is mindboggling.

I think there is a problem when I can notice bad sounding audio and peg it as gstreamer before I even knew that it was the issue.

Part of the reason was my fault as the horrific speakers built into my monitor was sometimes being used but after I got that ironed out the decline in audio quality and the lack of controls is very noticable between gstreamer and xine.

Don’t get me wrong gstreamer most works and is better than nothing unlike nouveau.

Support for xine as a backend has been dropped for amarok. You can try using vlc instead and get the necessary packages from:-

PackMan :: Package details for phonon-backend-vlc

Upstream support for the phonon’s xine backend has been dropped. Nobody is working on it. It’s as simple as that.

Eiledon: Other than start supporting the xine backend yourself. Either using the VLC backend, as already recommended, or open a bug report about that GStreamer problem of yours. I guess PulseAudio can write it’s output to a file. So if it’s not just your imagination it should be easy to see.