Is it possible to upgrade a 12.1 install to 13.2?

I have an openSUSE 12.1 install on a computer and want to change to 13.2. Do i have to reformat and start from scratch? Or can I upgrade?

Well, you can try, but it’s a large jump. Maybe do some steps inbetween like upgrading to 12.3 first, or similar.
Although it might even work in one step (but better use the offline method for that).

OTOH, if something goes wrong, you can still start from scratch. So backup your system, and then try whatever you like… :wink:

Thanks. If not an upgrade, how can I do a fresh install but keep the folders where my virtualbox installs are?

i assume your folders are under your home. then just backup(as a safety measure in case something goes wrong) and after upgrade you’ll have everything in home, including the virtual box files which will be used by the new version.