Is It Possible To Run i2p And Freenet At The Same Time?


Is it possible to run Freenet and i2p at the same time? Whenever I am running Freenet and I start i2p, The i2p console reports “Network Firewalled” and I cannot get to any i2p sites. As soon as I stop Freenet, this situation resolves. BTW, my system firewall is completely disabled.

I think the short answer is no. Perhaps Freenet intentionally firewalls other network applications running on local host; but their ports do not appear to be in conflict. The Freenet console is on and i2p is on Freenet, however does not interfere with access to the www. Also, I believe that I have been able to run TOR with either Freenet or i2p active.

Any insights appreciated.

A brief read of their websites suggests they are incompatible.
Both involve gateways to enter their networks (and optionally exit gateways).

This suggests then, that each will try to ensure their internal traffic is anonymized and there is no assurance either will do that using standards.

So, choose one or the other. I don’t know if there is any perceivable advantage to use some combination of both anyway.


Good advice, thanks. This makes sense based on my experiences.