Is it possible to migrate from MicroOS → Leap Micro 5.2

Dear Community,

I am a big fan of OpenSUSE MicroOS and have deployed quite a few installations over the past year.
While rebooting very reguarly is not bad (or even healthy) for virtual machines, I find it a little bit too frequently on bare metal.
Since OpenSUSE Leap Micro 5.2 became available, it is probably the better choice for bare metal systems.

Now the obvious question: According to a random person on the internet it is trivially possible to migrate an OpenSUSE Tumbleweed installation to OpenSUSE Leap (sounds legit, but I have not done this yet).
As MicroOS coheres with Leap Micro as Tumbleweed with Leap, the same principle may be applicable for those.

I would simply:

  1. Uninstall packages that are unavailable for Leap Micro,
  2. Delete Repositories of MicroOS,
  3. Add Repositories of Leap Micro,
  4. Refresh Repositories,
  5. Transactional Update,
  6. Reboot.

Before I try this myself:

  • Has anyone any objections why this must be impossible?
  • Has anyone successfully done this yet?
  • Any encouraging comments?

Many thanks!

When this is true, then it will be of be interest for you to know that, AFAIK, there is no supported path to convert a system from Tumbleweed to Leap Better do a fresh installation, probably keeping/restoring user data (but take care, data strongly bound to some applications may not be backwards compatible). And according to your saying, there is thus no supported path to convert from MicroOS to Leap Micro.