Is it possible to install the opensuse minimal using gnome/kde live cd or the DVD?

Is it possible to install the opensuse minimal using gnome/kde live cd or the DVD or with the netinstall?

Yes, the dvd, expand this section

Thanks for your reply.
I won’t download dvd, it’s poor bandwith here.

Does netinstall.iso have that option too?
Or the netinstall.iso only supports the installation through internet?
And what about live cds?

Net install needs the internet
Live CD’s don’t have the minimal install option

How can i set internet connection using netinstall.iso during installation?
It’s pppoe(dialup) connection.
Not broadband/static internet connection putting ip/mask/gateway manually.

Don’t even consider using dial up (I wouldn’t know how to set it up anyway)

Maybe I can ship you a 11.4 dvd
PM me you details and if you need 32 or 64 bit

On 03/26/2011 07:06 AM, caf4926 wrote:
> Maybe I can ship you a 11.4 dvd

you are my hero!

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This time around, I did an install from the live CD. There are no choices, apart from the disk partitioning and timezone part. When it gets to installed software, you get exactly what is on the CD. The installer simply copies the system that is preinstalled on the CD, and then does the grub install.

It is very slick; the install is very fast; but there is no software selection available.

Netinstall also supports installation over LAN, but you still have the same problem that you need the DVD image. Ask a nice person (like caf) to make one for you. In turn you can be nice to other people in your area.

The reason the LiveCD doesn’t support package selection is because there are no “packages” as such on the CD. The CD contains an image of a filesystem with the predetermined package selection unpacked, and the RPM DB contains the corresponding entries.

However just because you installed from the LiveCD doesn’t mean you have to run the GUI. You could edit the runlevel to 3 then you would have a slimmer RAM footprint. The “packages” would still taking up disk space, but not that much in these days of large disks.