is it possible to install the new version of partitioner in leap 15.1?

as this is a critical bug that lead to hard disk damages and a very useful thing and a coerrection of regression:
Adding Progress Feedback to the PartitionerThe Expert Partitioner is a very powerful tool. It allows you to perform very complex configurations in your storage devices. At every time you can check the changes you have been doing in your devices by using the Installation Summary option on the left bar. All those changes will not be applied on the system until you confirm them by clicking the Next button. But once you confirm the changes, the Expert Partitioner simply closes without giving feedback about the progress of the changes being performed.Actually, this is a kind of regression after migrating YaST to its new Storage Stack (a.k.a. storage-ng). The old Partitioner had a final step which did inform the user about the progress of the changes. That dialog has been brought back, allowing you to be aware of what is happening once you decide to apply the configuration. This progress dialog will be available in SLE 15 SP2, openSUSE 15.2 and, of course, openSUSE Tumbleweed.
is it possible to install in my leap 15.1 the new version of partitioner?

I am not sure what this is all about, but when you are afraid of using a certain partitioner, either use another, or, when you do not trust any of them, just use the basic tools like fdisk and/or gdisk. And for the additional tasks that many “partitioners” do beyond partitioning, like creating file systems and creating mountpoints and /etc/fstab entries, like wise.

It has the additional advantage that you wil understand what partitions, other volume types, file systems, mounting, etc. is.

When the rest of what you post above is a Quote (you did not show it as such and did not tell where you quote it from), I do not see any reason for your conclusion that it can “lead to hard disk damages”.

It happened to me, damaged disk becouse I switch down the pc but partitioner didn’t finished, fortunately I sent it back to ebay and refunded, so I opened this bug
and the answer has been that the developer added a dialog in the version leap 15.2 so this post I did.

yes, I think I will use gparted, the graphic version, but partitioner cannot be safely used in this condition so I also would like to install it in the new version if it is possible :slight_smile:
using basic tools need calm and attention that in many cases lack :slight_smile:

You cannot damage disk by interrupting (or not having completed) file system creation. At the most you can damage file system which is trivially fixed by repeating mkfs.

fortunately I sent it back to ebay and refunded


…not so trivially, in linux nothing worked, no mkfs, no gdisk if I remember for 4tb disks, no gpart via commandline, no seagate tools for linux, and also with seagate support that give me only official suppot only for windows but I didn’t succeed having no windows :slight_smile:

Like @avidjaar I do not believe your story. It might be true that your disk was broken, but that was not due to the partitioner (any partitioner). Software can not damage your disk. The only thing I can think about is that your hardware on the power out did something damaging.

And certainly reporting the progression will not stop it doing what it does without reporting.

I’m not an expert so veryvery probably you and avidjaar are right :-), I charged on to the switch off during partitioning of my pc the damage of disk becouse it was the most evident event

yes, if I have had a feedback of the progression of partitioning I didn’t switch may pc off, for this I think is important to have a feedback of operation that is in progress :slight_smile:

Yes, it may be a good thing to have, but not that critical. And after all, how many times do you change the partitioning of your system, specialy outside the installation process?
Thus, apart from the fract that it maybe will be backported to 15.1, just wait until 15.2. In the mean time I assume that your memory will be good enough to check of partition/mkfs/etc prcosesses are still runnng after you started them and befor you stop the system.

If you had used thee operating system to poweroff, it would have ceased all hard drive activity before removing power. It might have not completed filesystem formatting (which rarely takes more than a second or two), but it would have finished the partition configuration. The only way any damage could occur would be if the power was disconnected (with a spike or bounce) while the machine was operating.

on a 4tb hard disk it takes about 2 minutes…

Yes, creating a large file system can take several minutes. It has to wrire inodes all over the space.