Is it possible to have three monitors (screens)?


I know in Windows it was not possible with my laptop. I could only turn on two screens. I was wondering if having 1 laptop and 2 external screens on at the same time possible with linux. Is it more hardware related problem?


I have seen it done though YMMV depending on graphics cards, driver, monitor, and desktop environments used.

KDE4 copes with dual screen twinview (proprietary nvidia driver) or xrandr-based (open source drivers) configuration, but works best when display devices are of same resolution. The Gnome and XFCE desktops may be a little more flexible here.

A triple-head setup with Gnome Desktop is described here:

How to set up multiple monitors in linux

I have seen KDE4 with dual-head output, and xfce running via a separate x-session, though I suspect you’d like one big desktop?