Is it possible to download Ubuntu/Debian packages from specific repository mirror for local build?

As the title… currently openSUSE Build Service doesn’t provide any packages for xUbuntu_18.04 armhf/aarch64.
So I attempted to perform local build for another architecture and then upload the package.
I get cross build working (tested by building package for Raspbian), but it looks like obs build relies on openSUSE Build Service to provide packages, how can I use official Ubuntu mirror to get these packages?

Did you look at the repository edit option?

Screenshot from 2021-01-02 19-54-37.png

I’ve definitely enabled arm architecture, the problem is that packages are not available (unresolvable) in openSUSE OBS instance. See

Did you try [noparse]Ubuntu:18.04:Ports[/noparse] repository?

Sorry for the delayed reply but I just added Ubuntu:18.04:Ports/standard to repository path and it works like a charm.

Thank you very much.