is it possible to do this with Grub?

I was reading the bug reports on the grub problem with the Beta opensuse 11.1 beta1 , it is the exact same problem I kept and still keep having when trying to install the beta so I am wondering if it is possible just to replace the boot folder of the beta with the boot folder of opensuse 11 then burn it , will this fix the grub problem? or is there more to it then that?

Not exactly. I think if you copy & overwrite all those /boot/grub stage1, stage1.5(s) & stage2 you will be fine.
(, menu.lst, vmlinuz & initrd will be for a different release)
just make sure your menu.lst looks OK & it should work from what I can tell – I didn’t have that exact problem upgrading from alpha2.

Then, if it doesn’t boot, get back.