Is it possible to create KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc sub-forums?

Hi, everyone! Hope all is well with you.

This post is not about a problem in my desktop. I’m just asking a way to help the newer and intermediate users (including me). Just one sub-forum(Applications) to group several questions of those Desktops is tiring:
1-Each search takes place a marker KDE or GNOME, otherwise I’ll have to check each one(the answers) to see if refers to my environment;
2-Who has more experience, when answering says: do that in gnome, in kde is the other way;

But the bigger problem is discovery whether that answer applies to my environment.
So, is it possible to create KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc. sub-forums?



On 06/06/2012 02:36 PM, gilbertoca wrote:
> is it possible to create KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc. sub-forums?

probably would not help you a lot…because so many many people don’t
take the time to discover what sub-forum would be best to post to, or
even what sub-forums are available!

for example, there are many many wireless problem questions asked in the
applications forum (because Network Manager is an application) or in
the networking forum (since it is a wireless network)…but there is a
wireless forum…

and, some people ask questions about the forums sub-forums in the
applications forum…like this question should be in the Forums
Comments/Suggestions forum
but, it is not.

no, imo the fix you seek is for all questions to include which desktop
is in use, and then a better search capability so you can search on
multiple things at the same time…which is why i suggest using google
and specify the site like

and not the forums searcher [which is deficient])


Like DD I also think you prove yourself that questions will allways be asked in the wrong sub-forums. Thus the more sub-forums we have, the more mess we as mods have to tidy up :frowning:

Also, when you study the questions, you will see that many questions in the end are not about the the DE itself, but about applications offered with a desktop. And those applications can equaly be run in another desktop (KDE application in Gnome and vv.). Nvertheless we ask you allways to tell which desktop you use, even if you run an application that is completely desktop independant else we will have a very minimal idea about what you see, do, etc. It is allready difficult enough to find out through these forums what in reality should be seen in situ.

On Wed, 06 Jun 2012 12:36:03 +0000, gilbertoca wrote:

> But the bigger problem is discovery whether that answer applies to my
> environment.
> So, is it possible to create KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc. sub-forums?

Possible, yes. Likely? Well, it’s come up in the past at least a couple
of times.

The “applications” forum is used because ultimately, what people use on a
system are applications. I run GNOME3 myself, but I also use K3B, which
is a KDE application. Now, I know it’s a KDE application, so if we
created these hypothetical DE-orientated forums, where would I post a
question about K3B if I didn’t know it was a KDE app that I was running
on my GNOME desktop?

Probably in the GNOME forum, since that’s the desktop I’m using.

But it would be the wrong place, because it’s a KDE application. So it
would belong in the KDE forum. But I’m running the GNOME desktop, so
what if my problem isn’t with K3B but rather with something DE-related
and how it was interacting with the KDE application?

Then it would belong in the GNOME forum after all.

Rather than send users back and forth between forums, we decided to go
with a simpler solution - one applications forum, with a few sub-forums
that cover specific application classes (games and multimedia).


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