Is it possible to change my default thread subscrption options.

I know it’s only a couple of “clicks” to “subscribe” to a thread with email notification. But if I’m tired when I post a comment to an existing thread, I might forget to set the subscription options. Then I might never see a followup to my comment that I would have wanted to respond to.

What would be great would be if there was a profile setting that would result in automaticly subscribing me to any thread I post to. (preferably with email notification)

Is there a way???

Open the main forum page - logged in

Click ‘Settings’ on the upper right page tabs > Then on the left box click ‘General Settings’
Set: Default Thread Subscription Mode > Through my control panel only

Posting automaticaly subscribes me to a thread. Isn’t that the default?

Gosh that was so easy that I now feel embarrassed because I didn’t find it myself… Thanks!

It should be
It never used to be
I had Kim change it a year or so ago

Thanks for the info.