Is it possible til convert fram BtrFS to ext4?

I run OpenSUSE 13.2 64bits KDE on an HP EliteBook with one 24GB SSD mSATA + 500GB HD.
I installed OS in den SSD and used the OpenSUSE recommanded BtrFS. on rot-partition.

It have been rock-stable, but i always get diskspace-problem because of Snapshots(Snapper) is eating diskspace.

Now im fed up with this problem. I wish i could get some warning about low diskspace before my system goes down. Now its running until KDE stop working and crash because of no space left on disk.

Well i wish to go from BrtFS and back to ext4. Is it possible to convert filesystem or do i have to reinstall the whole system?

No. You will need to reinstall.

Why not just turn off snapper??

How do i turn of snapper?

See here: